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How to Earn Dollars in the Internet without investing anything

Some time ago I dedicate it to generate income over the internet and have tried almost everything that is available on the Internet to make money, and I must say that after many unsuccessful attempts have come to the following conclusions:
1. There is no way to earn thousands of dollars on the Internet without doing practically nothing. Be wary of any offer that says this ...
Two. If you can make money online but you have to work, learn about the craft have a plan of action.
Three. I particularly make money through two methods which I consider the most feasible ways to earn dollars online These two forms are: Google Adsense and the other is Neobux , now explain in detail the second as I believe is the most simple and feasible for anyone wanting to get started in this to win dollars online.
Neobux is one of the pages called PTC or pay per click is the most serious and most trusted, I received several payments her this product and believe me doing a work plan in a timely manner we can build an income up to 800 USD per month. But it is not something that can be achieved in the overnight, as I said you have to work and be patient because it takes time but once you build your business your monthly income month after month can be increased.
Let me show you a screenshot of this month where I've won a few dollars to show you that it is a Real opportunity: 

Here are some numbers:
Neobux pays you to view ads, you open an account you click on the links you need to see the page for a few seconds and get paid $ 0.001. for each page view. But also pay you for each referral of yours is every person who signs up with your link you get paid $ 0.005 for each time that person sees an advertisement.
If you purchase a premium account and you double the income you pay 0.01 for each visited link and 0.01 for each of your referrals visit.

Well being standard 100 referrals to make two clicks forward 1 USD daily newspaper that would be 30 USD monthly but the idea is not that the idea is to generate about 30-50 usd for what cualnecesitas Diaries 2000-2500 have few referrals and a Golden account. Now where did I get so many referrals? is very simple because you do not have to look all these people. Neobux offers the opportunity to rent referrals are users who joined without sponsor and Neobux are rented to generate you profit. and these referrals renting're going to go with the same money you're going to see the ads winning.

The plan is as follows:
1. Register for Neobux at the following link: http://www.neobux.com/?r=migueljoy 

2.Tus first 4 weeks and two days

In the first few weeks you will have to HACR click all available ads, not omit any day because to continue with our plan require:

1. Have done at least 100 clicks
Two. Being part of Neobux for at least 30 days

Now these rules do I invented the system are part Neobux ... After the time and have the minimum of clicks, you can refer directly to your friend, so you know you're eager to make money, but until we have complied with above do not tell your friends or acquaintances, if not they will be assigned to another user and generate revenues to another and do not want it to be so.
Do not have time to waste? Well, actually be investing only 5 minutes a day, which is the same as it takes up in the morning, smoke a cigarette or drink a coffee, and I guess you do not take this and other activities as a waste of time.

Three. Getting referrals:

Once meet eligibility requirements listed above, tell them to all your friends and acquaintances to join Neobux through your referral link, you can:
Share your referral link on facebook, twitter, forums and websites, so all who register through your link will be generating profits for you.
If you manage to get 100 referrals to do the job can earn 1 dollar per day, that would be 30 USD per month, but no more .....

4. Just scope the amount of 1 dollar, with your clicks and your referrals clicks, at that point you rent 5 referrals.

May. Over the next month renew renting alquilaras five and three more. Meanwhile're going enrolling all your friends and people you can and you're going earning profits, and renting them increasingly losing referrals while you already have, as soon as you can buy a Golden account and still keep the method of 2500 rent to achieve more rented referrals direct referrals yours have a monthly income of 800-1000 USD.

The topic of payments:
To receive payments from Neobux, you need preferably a Paypal account, if you have a Paypal account, you can open a totally free by clicking on the image:

Below I will show proof of payments that made me neobux to my to not have any doubt that the company if you pay:

In this proof I can see how neobux pay 21.5 dollars income corresponding to that time had achieved with this method.

How do I withdraw my money from Paypal?
If you already have a Paypal account but do not know how to withdraw money from her, I have the solution for you is simple, You can contact me and I will change them Bs.F. 12.6, ie you transfer your me those dollars to my account Paypal, give me your account number in Venezuela and I will deposit the equivalent in your bank account.
But if you just want to do things on your own, or you intoaccount in another country other than Venezuela also I have a solution, Payoneer Card Request:

It's free and accepted in almost all countries of the world, when applying for a card Payonner how much you will create a virtual bank in USA where you can transfer your balance from Paypal and then withdrawn at any ATM worldwide that accepts MasterCard.

To request your Payoneer card and you get to your house you click the following link:

Evidence of Earnings and Payment:
In this screenshot you can see as I have to date a total of 22 31/08/2013 $ 184 won

Then ask my payment

In less than a minute he was paid in my paypal account:

Before that in this month had already cashing out of $ 15.18 on 08/08/2013 which was the last payment I received.

Doubling your income: 

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